YouTube Partner Program Course in Hindi With Free Video Tutorials !Starting A YouTube Channel

YouTube Partner Program Course             

  YouTube Module

  1. How To Create a YouTube Channel
  2. How to Add YouTube Profile Logo.
  3. How to Add YouTube Cover page.
  4. YouTube Dashboard Review.
  5. How To Link YouTube Channel To Google Analytics By Adding Analytics Id.
  6. How To Link Associated Website.

Upload Video to Published

  1. How to Upload Video.
  2. Write Title, Description and Tags Properly.
  3. How to add cards.
  4. How to Add End Screen Annotations.
  5. How Published Video Step By Step Procedure.

Ranking factor

  1. How to Add Title.
  2. How to Add Description.
  3. How to use #HashTag in Title Description and Above the Title.
  4. How to Use Location above Of Title.
  5. Keyword Research for the Tags.

YouTube Video promotion.

Every product needs promotion. So we have social media where we can promote our video, we can share our video on Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ Etc.

YouTube Monetization

Most Important.

  1. Copyright Strike.
  2. Community guideline Strike.

Other Factors.

  1. What is MCN?
  2. MCN Joining.



 How to Create a YouTube Channel.


  • Create A Gmail Account.
  • Login to YouTube by Gmail Account.
  • Choose a Channel name First Name and Last Name (This Name will be Update on Your Google+ Page).
  • Channel Created Successfully with That name.

Login into Your YouTube Channel Creator dashboard Then Click On View Channel and Then Click on Channel Icon Place and Then Upload Channel Logo. This logo will be Update on Google+ Social Page As Well As. (This logo will take Some Time to update logo on YouTube Channel)

       How to Add YouTube Cover page

Go to Creator Studios YouTube Channel Dashboard Click on View Channel and Customize your Channel: Then click On Add Channel Art. Channel Art Called Your YouTube Cover Page.

YouTube Dashboard Review.

In Your YouTube Creator Dashboard, You can See Everything Related to tour YouTube Video. 

In Creator Studios Video Manager Section you can See Three Sub-menus.

 In Video Section You Can see Your Every Video. And all video you Can These Features and also check Your Video Stats, Monetization, And Views.

These Are the Some Useful Features You can Access For Your Every YouTube Video.



In Playlist Section, You can See Your Video Playlist on Your Channel.

 In this Section, you Can See Your YouTube Third Party matched Content Video List on your Channel. (This Video Will be not Monetize By Our Side. Because: Copyright Claimant can access all Details on the Video and They Can Monetize This Video by Own Side).

Recently YouTube Added Live Streaming Features in Creator dashboard. Where Creator can go live on YouTube and they can interact With Our Subscribers. This Feature will be used for this Purpose.



In This Section Creator Can Communicate with their Audience, And Then can reply of the comment and They Can View Subscriber list. And In Community Settings  Creator can block Subscriber, Add Moderator, Hide Users, Block negative Words,

In Credit Section Creator can Give credit To The Original Content Creator and See The List.

In Channel Section I can we can see All Channel features like. This See Screenshot.

In This Upload Section You can set your Upload Mode like Private, Unlisted, Public and schedule

Branding: In Branding Section, You Can add Brand Logo For Your Channel. This Logo will shows  in your Every YouTube Video as per Duration Set In the Starting and Ending or In Entire Video.


In Advance Section You can Link Your Channel to Analytics and Google Adwords, Also you can add Your Merchandise Websites. And Some Other features have, you can See Screenshot.








In The Analytics Section You can See Traffic Source Details and Demographics Results of Your Every Video. See Other Details in Screenshot.



Discuss later. JJJJ

To Link YouTube Channel To Google Analytics By Adding Analytics Id.

We Can Add Our YouTube Channel To Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Google Analytics: First We have to Register To Google Analytics Site By Clicking These Url.

After Log In By Your YouTube Channel Gmail. You Can Add a Property Means Your YouTube Channel url. Then You can get  a Analytics Id: Like

After getting your tracking Id You Can Add In Your YouTube Creator Advance tab.

Benefits Of Linking Google Analytics Account To Your YouTube Channel: You can See all Traffic Source And Live Real Time Results Also Google Analytics have some most useful features to track your traffic.





To Link YouTube Channel To Google Adwords.

Click On Link an AdWord Account And Sign In To Your Same Gmail Account Which You have Created To Your YouTube Channel. After Signing Your YouTube Channel Will be Automatically Added To your Google AdWords Account.

Benefits Of Linking Google AdWords Account To Your YouTube Channel: You Can See Your Video campaigning Details In your Adwords Account.


How To Link Associated Website.


You Can Start Your merchandize Website and Sell Your Goods Online and you can promote your products by your YouTube Channel. But You have To verify your website to Your YouTube Channel By Adding Your Domain url. This is Very Benificial.






How To Upload Video.

By Clicking This Url :


You Can See This Page:  


Choose Title, Description and Tags By Following Given In Doc.

How To Add cards in our Video.

In the Screenshot, at cards Section you can use 5 cards, this will show in this video. User can click on that and find related video which we have given in (i) Pop-up Button.

Cards is basically Use for Recommend some related video & Playlist, pole, website and other related channel at specific time. We can add video and Verified Web Url. By Clicking in Add Card option

How To Add End Screen Annotations.


In This section we can add end screen annotations as well as the process of adding the cards. Here is the screenshot of end screen annotations.



Example Templates of End Screen Annotations


How Published Video.

Step By Step procedure.

  1. Upload Video.
  2. Add Title.
  3. Add Description.
  4. Add Tag.
  5. Add cards.
  6. Add End Screen Annotations.
  7. Add Location, Video Recorded date, location.
  9. Share on Social Media and Promote your Video.

How To Decide/Write Your YouTube Video Title.

Total title character Length :100 character

Shown In Search Result: 70 Character

We Can make SEO Friendly Title: See Example

  1. Seo Friendly Title for Your YouTube Videos.
  2. How To Write Seo friendly Title For YouTube Video.
  3. How To Write Best Seo Friendly Title For YouTube Videos

This Is The Short Example of How To Write Title on SEO FRIENDLY Keyword



How To Add Description.


In this Video we Will Discuss About SEO Friendly Title. You Know SEO Is Very Important In Online Platform Where You can Optimize Your Content. Because If You Are Writing SEO Friendly Article or Writing SEO Friendly Title, You have to Choose Keywords in the Starting of the Title. Your SEO Friendly Title Will be Start from Keyword

In The yellow Background Color All Are keywords.

This Is a Simple Example of the Description of the Video,

Add Social media page Link.

Add Your Website Link.

Add Contact Me Details.

►Website: http://www.XYZDOMAIN.Com Contact Us: All advertising enquiries, requests, ideas… please email to [email protected] XYZDOMAIN.Com

How To use #HashTag In Title Description and Above The Title.

In new Update of YouTube, we can use #HashTag In Our Video Title and Description. This Method is use to rank your video to that location which we have given in the Video location.

#Hashtag is a technique to find related #HashTag Video. #Hashtag Method is also use for finding the all Related Hashtag videos who using same #hashtag.

Ranking Factor of Hashtag.

In someone is watching #USA video. The Visitor can find More Related Video by Simply Clicking On Hashtag. Then our video will also come on that list.

How To Use #Hashtag

At The time of Upload we have option to update our video location in Video Edit option. This features will Shown In the Top of the Video Title.

 Keyword Research for The Tags.

There is Multiple Option to find best keyword for your YouTube Video.

  1. Checking Viral Videos tags by Browser Extension Like Tube Bubby.
  2. Keyword suggestion by YouTube Search bar.
  3. Browser Page Source.
  4. By Internet marketing Tool TubeRankJeet 3 pro.


YouTube Monetization.

Lots of Creators making money from YouTube Channel around the world by simply posting their own video content regularly on their channel. If they are able to gain subscriber and views, then they can apply to google adsense  for monetize their channel. After approval they can make money by placing ads to their video. But recently YouTube Announced Their Monetization Criteria to the creators channel. Here is the Process and terms and condition.

Privacy Conditions.

  1. Complete 4000 Hours Watch Time.
  2. Complete 1000
  3. Both (1.)& (2.) Conditions fulfil in a Year.
  4. After Completing These Achievement YouTube Team Will Review Your YouTube Video.
  5. Your YouTube Video will be Own, and not should be Copyrighted Material in your video.
  6. Not be Dangerous, pornographic. Your Video will Be Child-friendly Content,
  7. There are many factors by the YouTube Policy. Read Here
  8. After fulfil your all conditions of YouTube Policy you can make money from Your YouTube Channel By placing ads to your every video.
  9. After Successfully Placing Your Ads On Your Video you can start Making Money from YouTube also You can check Daily Income Report in Your YouTube dashboard and Creator Studios
  10. When you Complete 100$ You can make Withdrawn Your Money By Google Adsense account.
  11. Your All payment will be Credit Every Month to Your Account, money transfer, Cheque by Google Adsense After completing 100$ Income.

These are the full process of YouTube Monetization.

Copyright Strike

This Time YouTube platform is very strict; creators cannot post anything on their channel means Includes Copyright material and YouTube standard license Videos.


There are two types of Strike.

  1. Copyright Strike.-
  2. Community guideline.-

Copyright StrikeA/c To YouTube Policy if you are using third-party content then ok but Wait, Not more than 10 to Maximum 30 % of the content, and you have to mix that content with a different form by editing tool. See some example.

  1. Mix Video by Color Grading.
  2. Adding Contrast and Brightness.
  3. Mix Video By splitting In Different duration.
  4. Mix Third-party Content like the different look from an original.
  5. If u want to use that material, you can use by asking APPROVAL by original Content owner.

Bad scenario-YouTube will take down your Video, YouTube will Delete Your Video from your Channel. YouTube Will Delete and Give you a First Strike. If You are repeating this mistake you will get again & again Strike. If you got 3 Strike Your Channel Will be Terminate within 7 days.



Community Guideline Strike– visit given link for more details.


Bad scenario-

Read All Details About Community Guideline Strike:

First Strike: In First Strike, You are restricted from live streaming on YouTube.

Second Strike:  If your account receives 2 Community Guidelines strikes within a three-month period, you won’t be able to post new content to YouTube for 2 weeks. If there are no further issues, full privileges will be restored automatically after the 2 week period. And your strike will be removed after three-month completing the period.

Third Strike: If your account receives 3 Community Guidelines strikes within a three-month period, your account will be terminated.


What is MCN?

Multi-channel network (MCN)-

Here is the Best Explain Example- In Simple way MCN help to grow our YouTube channel by cross-promotion and save from copyright claimant and they provide such more legal helps to the creator.

This is not the end of YouTube Module.

YouTube pe jitna bhi likho kam hai Because Regularly Update of YouTube Policy and terms and use. and Changes of YouTube Features.

YouTube wants To make Their Platform Clean and Learning Based Platform In The Worlds That’s Why Is The Worlds 2nd rank Channel By

The End


YouTube paid promotion.

YouTube Advertising

By using this URL for YouTube video ads. We can run our video campaign by spending $10/per day.

In these video ads, we can target audience by many filters like Location, keyword etc.


Promotion on Blog and Website

We can promote our video by embedding our video as autoplay to the blog and website. In the section of the area, Like sidebar, middle in the post, by adding image referral URL to redirect to our YouTube video.

Bulk email marketing for YT video

We can also target audience by Email marketing if we have country-specific Email. Then we can start making campaign.



We can Comment on other related Videos, but don’t Spam,  Reddit, Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and other Q&A sites

Forum Posting and Different Site

In this Forum posting, we can embed our YouTube video to High PR ranking sites to get referral traffic. Here is some list of high PR Ranking sites. Source:

Internet Sites You Can Embed Your YouTube Videos for Extra Promotion (Social Bookmarking for Videos)

Traffic by Online Freelancer

Fiverr- In Fiverr- in this platform, we can find a freelance who can promote our video. In some budget Start from 5$.

Upwork-Same as well as Fiverr we can promote our video by a different freelancer.

Paid Campaign

Infolinks Ads- this is the Contextual advertising platform where we can promote our video by internal linking.


Social media campaign

By posting our link on the official FB page, then we can start the Facebook Ads Campaign for a period and campaign for maximum reach with location & age group.

Video link post In Social media

We can also find huge members of Public FB group where we can post our YouTube video Link, after posting a link it may be 1-3% of Clicks on the link.

Paid Promotion In different-different Fb Group and Pages By Contacting to the admin.


Promotion On Classified Sites worldwide online classifieds network web 2.0 enabled social network

Olx. Quikr and more.